July 31

!My Experiment!

On Friday we went to science works.

It has lots of information about science. There was the pumping station. I loved that place because it had all of these steam engines. That gave me an idea 💡. I should do how steam trains work. I love trains to the moon and back. So that is why I picked this inquiry topic.

May 4

Visit to Gisborne Secondary College!

Today we went to Gisborne Secondary College. We did Drama and Art. For drama we did lots of games like pretending to be furniture and guess what that move is. Then we had art where we made discs into flowers. I felt scary when we were walking through the hallway as all the older kids walked through. I didn't like how all the gum was under the tables. I will like to go to that school.

December 19


On Wednesday the 14th of December we had our unique earth expo. I was doing floods. I had a massive model of the aftermath of a flood. l also had a poster of types of floods with how their Caused and what they are. Here is some photos.



What is a flood?

an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits especially of what is dry land.

November 28

Sharing and dividing

In maths we have been learning to share equal amounts.

I did this by pretending that the counters were strawberries and blueberries and apples.

Today I pretended that the paddle sticks were sticks. Look below to see the photos of what I did.



I like using multiplication to check my answers. I like making a diagram so it can help me.